GAT - (Grand Achivement Test )
  • To give a perfectly simulated atmosphere of the public examination in Mathematics in preparation, writing and evaluation of performance in : Regular Mathematics & Business Mathematics
  • Students studying in 12th standard of Tamilnadu State Board (Govt. , Govt. Aided, Matric, Anglo-Indian) Schools.
  • Saturday the 7th January 2017 (07-01- 2017) TIME 10am to 1pm (3hrs).
Dates To Remember
Last date for entries to reach the AMTI30-11-2016
Question packets from the AMTI to reach the institution, by Speed Post latest by06-01-2017
Conduct of Grand Achivement Test07-01-2017
Answer bundles to be sent by the Chief Supdt. to another institution (to be specified by The AMTI) for exchange (Same day)07-01-2017
Corrected bundles and marks lists to reach the concerned School & Marks list alone to AMTI and 100% scoring answer bundle20-01-2017
Announcement of results and disbursement of honorarium for evaluation25-02-2017
Awards / Certificates to be sent by AMTI25-02-2017
  • Tamil Nadu State Board syllabus.
    • The paper will have NO CHOICE and all questions are compulsory to get full marks.
    • Precisely the latest model of the public examination subject to above and with questions for about 15% solvable with what is taught and may not be book questions but within the syllabus.
    • Your own institution.
    • The Head of the institution (or HOD of Maths. Dept.) shall be the Chief Superintendent, with freedom to appoint necessary supervisory staff for smooth conduct of the test.
    • Rs.35/-per candidate, of which Rs.5/- shall be retained by the institution for ALL incidental expenses at the centre.
    • An additional Rs.5/- per child may be retained by schools who are or become institutional members of the AMTI, so that an awareness of our service gets popularized & excellence kept as the watch word.
    • Please quote the membership no. in the data sheet if this concession is claimed.
    • The honorarium to the teachers nominated for evaluation of scripts, will be paid by the AMTI direct.
    • Besides Question papers and answer papers supplied, evaluation honorarium will be paid.
    • Answer scripts of students will be evaluated by teachers of other schools on exchange basis.
    • Teachers evaluating the scripts will be given an honorarium of Rs. 7/- per answer script. They will be nominated by the respective Chief Superintendant through whom the disbursement will be done.
    • (No other claim will be paid by the AMTI)
    • The Chief Superintendent gives a wide publicity to the students regarding the test.
    • He / She collects the charges, retains Rs. 5/- per candidate of the total collection (additional Rs.5/- as in charges para if applicable) and sends the balance by DD or Banker’s cheque in favour of "AMTI" payable at Chennai and the enclosed data sheet duly filled, on or before 30th November. Local schools can pay in cash against receipt.
    • Question packets will reach the centre (from the AMTI) at least one day before the test. (by courier service, wherever possible.).
    • The test is to be conducted by the Chief Superintendant on the scheduled date between 10am to 1pm.
    • At the end of the test, the answer scripts are bundled, sealed, and sent to the institution specified by the AMTI.
    • Correcting the allotted papers is a compulsory process of this participation.
    • Care will be taken, to the extent possible, for exchange of approximately equal number of answer scripts. The Chief Superintendent will get the scripts evaluated as per the key to be supplied by the AMTI, which will reach the schools within 2 days after the exam.
    • The corrected bundles with a copy of the marks list will be sent by the Centre Superintendant to reach the respective schools on or before 15th February. One copy of the mark list will be sent directly to the AMTI and as per specification in the call notice.
    • One copy of the mark list only will be sent directly to the AMTI and as indicated in the instruction sheet to the participating schools.
    • Also papers awarded full marks (200/200) to be sent for scrutiny by the AMTI.
    • Results will be posted by the AMTI on end of February , along with the honorarium for evaluation work.
    • Certificates of appreciation to all the students scoring 90% and above.
    • Certificates and awards to all students scoring 95% and above.
    • Certificates and Medals to all the students scoring 100%
    • (No student can claim medals / awards under more than one category) These will be sent to the institutions latest by 25-02-2017 Claims, if any, should be sent before 25-03-2017 (one month from settlement date)
    • The cooperation of the institutions is essential to maintain the schedule strictly.
    • The decisions of the AMTI will be final and binding on all matters related to this project.
  • (a) The filled in application form and
    (b) A Demand Draft in favour of “The Association of Mathematics Teachers of India” payable at Chennai for the amount to be sent to AMTI (namely Rs. 30 x number of entries).
  • No other form of payment is acceptable from out station Institutions and the amount paid once is not refundable on any account.
  • Entries without the Data Sheet will not be entertained.
Application Form Online Application Form