Aim of the Test

  • To identify and encourage students who have the capacity for original and creative thinking, willingness to attempt unfamiliar and non-routine problems, exhibiting a general mathematical ability appropriate to their level.


Students from Schools, Junior Colleges of all boards, Degree Colleges and Technical Institutions in India.

1 Primary Gauss Contest V and VI Standards
2 Sub Junior Kaprekar Contest VII and VIII Standards
3 Junior Bhaskara Contest IX and X Standards
4 Inter Ramanujan Contest XI and XII Standards
5 Senior Aryabhata Contest Degree Classes in Arts, Science & Technical Colleges

Medium: The medium will be only ENGLISH (for all levels).


  • Rs. 150/- per candidate (out of which Rs.125/-per candidate should be sent to AMTI, institution retaining Rs.25/- only per candidate for all expenses; no further claim can be made by the institution for any type of expenses)

Time Schedule

Time Schedule
Last Date for entries 01st October 2022
Stage-1 Preliminary Test 15th October 2022
(Saturday) 2p.m. to 4p.m.
Declaration of results of Stage-1 test 25th November 2022
Stage-2 Final Test – Tentatively on 07th January 2023
(Saturday) 1p.m. to 4p.m.
Dispatch of Answer Books from the Centres to AMTI The same day (Speed Post or courier)
Announcement of Results By the end of the April 2023
*late entries may not be entertained


Recommended topics for NMTC exam

  • Primary:
  • ARITHMETIC: Fractions, percentages, profit and loss, tests of divisibility, LCM, HCF, Ratio and proportion, Calendar
    MENSURATION: Triangles, Quadrilaterals, Circles.
    ALGEBRA: Algebra as literal Arithmetic, Addition,subtraction, multiplication and division of simple Arithmetic expressions.
    GEOMETRY: Straight lines, parallel lines, Angle properties of triangles, quadrilaterals and polygons.

  • Sub Junior:
  • All the topics for primary and,
    ARITHMETIC: Square roots and cube roots, Allegation, average , time and work, time and distance, Races, Games of skill, Travelling around a circle.
    MENSURATION: Three Dimensional: cubes, cuboids, sphere, cone, cylinder, pyramids.
    ALGEBRA: Algebraic equations of degree 1 and degree 2. Algebraic identities, factorization of algebraic expressions, laws of indices, basics of surds.
    GEOMETRY: Triangle inequalities, parallelograms,trapezoids, Pythagoras theorem.
    NUMBER THEORY: Prime and composite numbers,divisibility.

    [Note: Apart from these, the children shall practise to solve logical questions in basic mathematics].

  • Junior:
  • All the topics for Primary, Sub junior and the following:
    ALGEBRA: Quadratic and Higher degree Algebraic equations, Remainder theorem, Logarithms, Sequences and series, Scales of notations, Mathematical Induction, Basic inequalities.
    GEOMETRY: Circle theorems, Chords, Arcs, Angles in segments, Cyclic Quadrilaterals, Tangents, Alternate Segment theorem, intersecting chord theorem, Apollonius theorem, and Stewart’s theorem.
    NUMBER THEORY: Modular arithmetic, Greatest Integer function, least integer functions.
    COMBINATORICS: Fundamental principle of counting, Basics of permutations and combinations, Principle of inclusion and exclusion, Pigeon hole principle.

  • Inter :
  • All the topics for Primary, Sub Junior, Junior and the following:
    ALGEBRA: Polynomials, inequalities, (C-S inequality),Functional equations.
    GEOMETRY: Trigonometric, vector, Coordinate Geometric and Complex number methods may be used.
    NUMBER THEORY: Fermat and Wilson theorem, Diophantine equations.
    COMBINATORICS: Counting techniques, Recurrence relations.

  • Senior:
    It is a three hours examination of subjective questions with the syllabus of typical B.Sc Mathematics course.

Special Note:

  • Answer books of the final test containing the solutions written by participants should be dispatched on the same day of the examination and delayed receipts will not be entertained.
  • Answer sheets (un-ruled only, preferably A4 size) for the Final test have to be supplied by the respective schools.
  • The date and time of the examination cannot be altered by the centers on any account.

Details of NMTC

Details of NMTC

Mode Of Examination

  • Every candidate except the senior level will take two tests- Preliminary Test and Final Test.
  • Senior (Degree College) level students will take only the final test.
  • The date and time of the examination stipulated by AMTI should be strictly followed and cannot be altered by the centers.

  • Preliminary Test:
  • The Preliminary test will be conducted by the participating schools, the venue being the respective schools and the Question paper will be sent by AMTI on the day of the test. The Principal or the person authorized by him/her shall be the centre-in-charge for the proper conduct of the examinations.
    The top 10% of students based on the Preliminary test performance will be selected by the respective schools.

    • Preliminary test will be of objective type for Primary, Sub-Junior, Junior and Inter levels and will be of 2 hours duration.
    • As the objective of the Competition is to spot out, encourage and recognize the young talents, the papers will be set to match these objectives.
    • In order to encourage the participation of students from various institutions following various curriculums across the Nation, the question papers in the first level will comprise of questions that test their problem solving skills in their respective levels.
    • The Preliminary level questions will comprise of Multiple choice , Fill in the blanks problems, etc. roughly with the following levels of difficulty:
    • > 20% of the questions that are of moderate level
      > 80% of questions with higher level of difficulty, somewhat similar to Olympiad.

    The responses in the preliminary test will be written in the response sheets which will be provided by the AMTI. The institution will conduct the preliminary test in its own premises; the objective type preliminary papers will also be evaluated by the respective institutions (based on the key that will be supplied by AMTI on the next day of preliminary exam.) and the list of top 10% scorers only at each level in the Preliminary Test will be intimated to us.

    Important Note: If more students qualify for any level from an institution, please use your discretion to shortlist and send only 10% to AMTI. In case, additional names are communicated to AMTI, the excess students over and above10%, will be dropped by us.
    Students selected at the Preliminary level test will get certificates which may be treated as the Hall Ticketfor the final examination.

  • Final (Second Level) Test:
  • Only the candidates selected at the preliminary level can appear for the final.
    It is 3-hours test of subjective type questions reflecting the syllabi of PRMO, RMO, INMO and IMO.
    These second level tests will be conducted only at the centres authorized by the AMTI.

    [Note: Apart from these, the children shall practise to solve logical questions in basic mathematics].

  • Special Note:
  • Answer books of the final test containing the solutions written by participants should be dispatched on the same day of the examination and delayed receipts will not be entertained.
    Answer sheets (un-ruled only, preferably A4 size) for the Final test have to be supplied by the respective schools.

How to apply:


  • Download the Institution- Data Consolidation Sheet and Excel format from our website - under the head “NMTC”.
  • The school should fill up both Institution - Data Consolidation Sheet and Excel format only. After that send it to AMTI through email along with the details of fees transfer. Incomplete entries are not acceptable.
  • Fill in the details (in English)
  • Amount transfer appropriately (Online account transfer (NEFT, IMPS, etc.)) (Namely, Rs. 125 x number of entries – only for institutions).
    • Name : “The Association of Mathematics Teachers of India”
    • Type : Savings
    • Bank : Axis Bank
    • Account Type : Saving account
    • Account Number : 920010074677919
    • IFSC code : UTIB0000006
    • Branch : Mylapore, Chennai-600004.
  • Registration will not be done without payment completed properly.
  • The amount paid once is NOT REFUNDABLE on any account.

* Entries without the Data Sheet will not be entertained *

Open Quota:

  • This year AMTI does not entertain OPEN QUOTA registration. Kindly register through your institution.

Points To Remember: NMTC 2022-23

  • Read the details of 2022-23 NMTC.
  • Fill in the Application Form with relevant details properly.
  • Make the payment by online to complete your registration.
  • Keep checking our website for updates and further information on NMTC 2022-23.

Additional Points To Note

1. Entries in the proforma given only will be processed.

2. Last date of receipt at Chennai office will be 01st October 2022.

3. The exact registered name of the institution as in bank should be incorporated in the application form. There have been instances of names not registered suitably with post offices and banks as our communications were not delivered.

4. For final examination candidates should report only at the centres fixed and no change will be permitted. If for any reason they are unable to do so they will forfeit the chance. No further claim will be entertained. Candidates may report with photo ID cards issued by respective institutions where they study in the centre for taking the final exam along with our certificate of the preliminary exam.

5. Results are declared after taking enough care, checking and cross checking only. No claim for change communication of individual scores etc., will be entertained.

6. Every effort is taken by AMTI to communicate particulars well on time. Individual reminders (by telephone or email) cannot be done except in cases of emergency.

7. This being a talent contest at all India level for final, marks alone do not speak. We may decide merit holders by interviews also, if found necessary.

8. Centres for final level will be intimated to participating schools later well on time.

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